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It has been finally confirmed today!

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Johnny’s artist Yamashita Tomohisa will be starring on the upcoming Fuji  TV’s new ”Getsu-9” drama entitled “Summer Nude” on July as the male lead, along with Karina and Toda Erika, will start a complicated love triangle. This is Yamapi’s fourth Getsu-9 drama, being second to Kimura Takuya for being known as okami (when it comes to getting lead roles in getsu-9 dramas).

In Summer Nude, Yamashita Tomohisa will play the role of a photographer Mikuriya Asahi. He coincidentally met a Chef, Chiyohara Natsuki, played by Karina, who got dumped before her marriage and fell into depression. Asahi also had an experience of lost love three years ago, two broken soul will soon become closer. At this point, Taniyama Nanae played by Toda Erika, Asahi’s junior who has feelings for him since they were high school appears, these three people will get caught into a complicated love triangle.

Currently, Yamashita Tomohisa is learning photography from professional photographers, aggressively shaping his role. He implied that ‘’ The love triangle that will make your heart beat is the drama’s highlight’’. Yamapi expressed that he hope that ‘’Summer Nude’’ can be a lighthearted drama full of summery features.

Source: Toutiao
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It has been announced that Yamashita Tomohisa will be starring in Fuji TV’s upcoming drama, “SUMMER NUDE” together with Karina and Toda Erika. “SUMMER NUDE” marks Yamashita’s return in Fuji TV’s “Getsu 9” timeslot since “Code Blue~Emergency Doctor Heli~ season 2″ (2010).

As the title suggests, “SUMMER NUDE” is a love story among 3 people (1 man and 2 woman) who trails behind their past love in order to begin anew with a naked mind. Shooting will commence this June in a real seaside cottage that has been set-up for this drama.

Yamashita plays a photographer named Mikuri Asahi, who still can’t get over his past love who suddenly left him. Asahi will then meet Chiyohara Natsuki (Karina) where he was able to capture on his camera how Natsuki’s fiance left her on their wedding day. Together, the two will meet again in a seaside cottage where Taniyama Hanae (Toda) will again enter Asahi’s life; Hanae used to be Asahi’s high school junior. Together, these three people will weave a summer love triangle that will surely burn your heart.

On the lighter note, drama producer Murase Ken said that the drama was set on beach side in order to utilize Yamashita’s well-toned physique that he was able to maintained after “Ashita no Joe”.

This is Yamashita’s 4th time in Getsu9 series, 3rd time for Karina, and 5th time for Toda.

SUMMER NUDE” will air this July every Monday on Fuji TV at 21:00 (JST).

Nikkan Sports, Rakuten Woman, and Fuji TV

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I'm looking forward to this! :)


This news started spreading around on Chinese websites and 2ch forum sometime around last week. It was said that a fan overheard this from a female employee from Johnnys. Some fans are happy about this news however this is still a rumor, on the other hand, some are against Karina being Yamapi's leading lady for a drama.

So here goes the actual rumor/news (Please forgive me if my translation is not that accurate though).


Sohu Entertainment News.(text). Recently, there has been some news spreading around that Johnnys Idol Yamashita Tomohisa will be starring on a Fuji TV drama on July as a powerful and talented designer in the fashion industry, the female lead will be played by Karina, who recently got promoted as "Johnny's Queen Actress". (lol)

A staff/ person-in-charge of production revealed the temporary name of the drama being 《Special Man》: "YamaPi plays the role of a designer who leads the trend on the fashion industry." Karina will play as someone who came from a rich family/ high social ranking family, and is also known as the Queen designer on the fashion industry. Although the April dramas has just aired, below the surface they've already selected the casts for July dramas.

YamaPi and Karina had previously worked/co-starred in YamaPi's Golden Goblet Awarded Movie -- 《Ashita no Joe》(2011). the drama 《Long Love Letter》 (Fuji TV, January 2002), 《Kabachitare》 (Fuji TV, January 2001, Karina's first work as an actress) and more. For YamaPi, Karina is undoubtedly quite an understanding opponent.

This time in their new drama they are originally rivals, but starts to get attracted to each other along the way of their competition  The subsequent plot has a very Korean drama-ish plot --- Tragic love story style as they are suspected of being siblings/brothers and sisters: "After confirming each other's love, what awaits them is a cruel truth: Yamapi's (his role) mother who passed away is the lover of Karina's father, which means that they are likely to be siblings."

It is not yet clear as to which time slot Yamapi's new drama would be broadcast. "It is likely to be getsuku, taking over Fukuyama Masaharu and Yoshitaka Yuriko's 《Galileo 2》. If the current exposed story is true, this will undoubtedly become the Japanese version of the drama 《Winter Sonata》. Although this would inevitable attract criticism, but this would certainly turn into a topic."

It is worth mentioning that Karina has the support of many female viewers/audiences, "So Johnny is also fond of using her as his artists' partner/pair ", her previous getsuku drama 《PRICELESS》 with Kimura Takuya is a proof.

Source: Sohu News

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On March 5, it was revealed that actress Karina will be the face of Takara Shuzo’s new alcoholic gelatin beverage “Carina” and that she will  appear in a new CM for the drink.

This is a new type of a liquor drink, as they’ve created a new texture with the gelatine. Three flavors – Mango, Peach, and Umeshu – will go on sale starting March 26. The drink is marketed towards women and thus, uses the name “Carina”, the Italian word for “pretty”, as the product’s name.

Karina spoke excitedly about her name and her face being used for a new product: “I was shocked [when I found out] that the drink’s name is the same as mine!!  But, to be honest, I was quite elated!”  She commented about the product saying, “It is a new type of alcoholic beverage that you shake before drinking it, so I think it would be fun to drink this at parties♪

Her CM will be broadcast starting in April.

Source and Image: Oricon, Tokyohive

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It's been finally confirmed today - the rumours I posted up before were true :D

On August 14th, it was announced that SMAP’s Kimura Takuya will be starring in Fuji TV’s new “Getsu 9″ drama for the upcoming fall season.

The drama with the tentative title ‘PRICELESS‘ revolves around a salary man who falls into a life of destitution after being fired from his company. Although it will already be Kimura’s ninth starring role in a “Getsu 9″ drama, it will be the first time for him to play a character living in poverty.

At first everything seems to go well for the protagonist – living a satisfying life as a bachelor and working at the middle management of a major company. He’s also on good terms with his co-workers, but one day he gets wrapped up in an intrigue and ends up getting fired for something he hasn’t done. Before he even realized, he had become a penniless man without a phone and no place to stay. By chance he happens to get acquainted to other poor children at a park and gradually begins to realize that there are many important “priceless” things in life that you can’t buy with money.

‘PRICELESS’ is based on an original script by Furuya Kazunao (‘Ninkyo Helper’, ‘37-sai de Ishani Natta Boku’). It’s said to be a humorous drama with a lovable and cheerful protagonist who never loses his positive attitude despite those tragic turns. His positive attitude even causes the change of his unreliable boss – played by Nakai Kiichi – and one of his female colleagues, an introverted accountant played by Karina.

Just before the start of the filming, Kimura stated, “Our Japanese athletes at the London 2012 Olympics showed us impressive and PRICELESS teamwork. The staff, my co-stars and I want to form just as great of a team and make this drama our own.

Nakai commented, “You better not miss any second of this fast-paced drama!

Karina, whose character will eventually become the love interest of the protagonist, is also looking forward to the filming. She said, “I’m nervous since it’s my first time working together with Kimura and Nakai. My character sounds plain, but I still want to give it my all.

The producer added, “We want to give people courage and hope with a protagonist that still lives every day to the fullest despite having lost everything.

‘PRICELESS’ is scheduled to air its first episode in October.

Source: tokyohive